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Music Theatre Now is a worldwide hub for Music Theatre. MTNow prides itself on its unique role as a connector between creators, programmers and producers across the world. Through our biannual worldwide Competition, the Archive and the Creators Connection Programme, we strive to elevate contemporary music theatre as the most dynamic and interdisciplinary art form of our time.



Association Music Theatre NOW
Postbus 752
3000 AT Rotterdam
The Netherlands


Aïda Gabriëls – artistic coordinator


Lian Meijaard – administration


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Network members

Ana Ablamonova, Lithuania
Guy Coolen, Belgium
Michael Hun, South Africa
Désirée Meiser, Switzerland
Beth Morrison, USA
Shoshana Polanco, Argentina / Mexico
Roland Quitt, Germany
Axel Tangerding, Germany
Shuang Zou, China

Board members

Guy Coolen, Belgium, chairman
Shoshana Polanco, secretary
Ana Ablamonova, treasurer