Music Theatre NOW Meeting

The MTNow Meeting

The prize winners will be invited to a special meeting which will be held at the "Operadagen", an annual performing arts festival in Rotterdam in May 18th-20th 2019.


The opportunity to attend  Music Theatre NOW, a meeting for creators and presenters of contemporary music theatre, and to give a special presentation of your work. A representative of each artistic team will be invited.


This meeting, previously called the Music Theatre Workshop, has served as a forum for professionals for many years.

Travel, accommodation and meals for the artists representing the work will be provided by the host organization. Curators and presenters from around the globe will be invited to attend the meeting, which will be held as part of the Operadagen Rotterdam – an international festival of contemporary theatre and opera.


More informations on program, keynote speech and shows will be announced soon. 






Entrance Operadagen Rotterdam © Salih KilicShow Il ballo delle Ingrate during Operadagen Rotterdam © Sylvester LobeMeeting at Operadagen Rotterdam © Salih KilicOpening of Operadagen Rotterdam © Salih KilicLocation at Operadagen Rotterdam © sylvester Lobe
Entrance Operadagen Rotterdam © Salih Kilic
Show Il ballo delle Ingrate during Operadagen Rotterdam © Sylvester Lobe
Meeting at Operadagen Rotterdam © Salih Kilic
Opening of Operadagen Rotterdam © Salih Kilic
Location at Operadagen Rotterdam © sylvester Lobe