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Creators Connection Programme

Each year the Music Theatre Now selects 5 to 8 of the most promising emerging music theatre makers (composers and stage directors). We identify the most promising new work by emerging music theatre artists and then promote it with our network. The network of world wide partners enables these younger creators to bring brand new works to brand new audiences.

The purpose is to strengthen the position of individual artists in artistic, production, and diffusion levels, and to encourage cross-pollination among diverse artists. It aims to provide an international platform for dialogue and exchange, allowing emerging artists to participate in events and festivals, furthering their careers nationally and internationally.

The Creators Connection Programme is structured into three main pillars:

Seeing Music Theatre live

Artists engage with the vibrant scene of music theatre by visiting acclaimed festivals and music theatre houses. Here, they gain exposure to a variety of performances, enabling them to observe and learn from the works of other artists. These visits foster an understanding of current artistic trends and encourage creative thinking.


Through the Programme, creators have the chance to connect with industry veterans and peers during networking events and pitches. This interaction is not only a platform for showcasing their own work but also serves as a gateway to receiving valuable feedback and uncovering opportunities for future collaborations. The discussions and connections forged during these events are more than mere interactions; they are instrumental in propelling the artists‘ careers forward. Such exposure expands their professional network and opens up avenues for growth and advancement within the music theatre community.

Workshops A vital element of the Programme includes workshops that are meticulously curated in partnership with the hosting festival.