Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

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WHO may enter?

The producer, director, composer, librettist/writer, presenter or publisher may submit entries.

The person entering must have received permission from all members of the creative team involved in the production. Participants, especially producers, are welcome to send more than one entry.

WHAT works qualify?

First productions of new works, which have been professionally "staged" anywhere in the world from 1st July 2018 until 30th June 2021 may be submitted.

Multi- and intermedia presentations – e.g. including interactive online works or live audio experiences – can be submitted as long as they integrate a performative aspect.

Works can only be entered once and may not be entered again in future rounds of the competition.

I have a great staging of a BAROQUE-opera. Can I submit it?

The competition does not allow re-workings or reinterpretations of existing music, operas or music theatre works. Such productions may not be submitted, with the exception of original musical compositions that include samples.

My work hasn't premiered, but the CONCEPT is promising. Can I submit?

The competition is focussing on the combination of music and staging/presentation as an integral part of the judging process. Therefore a full video recording of the production is mandatory and ideas without „proof of concept“ in form of a staging will be rejected.

What about GENRES?

Music Theatre NOW is open to all kinds of works across genres: From productions which in terms of musical forces and scenic structure could become part of the classical opera repertory, as well as those works which in terms of their formal nature or scenic requirements may be categorised as „projects“ and/or as “one time” events.

The number of performers is also open and flexible – we will consider solo works as well as large ensemble projects.

We are also open to performers with a diverse range of backgrounds and qualifications. Casts could be made up of or may include: students, amateurs, actors, dancers, musicians or singers.

Productions whose artistic approach have their roots outside of the Western European musical tradition are especially encouraged to enter.

How will the JURY come to a decision?

The jury will scrutinise the documentation and information provided by applicants.

Works will be chosen that are outstanding in terms of the development of contemporary music theatre irrespective of their countries or regions of origin. The jury will select works, which demonstrate new developments in the art form, be it in score, text and/or form of presentation. Musicals which reflect new developments and ideas may also be entered.

The selection process has two stages. Stage one: All the entries will be reviewed by the jury with the assistance of the network members of Music Theatre NOW. Stage two: The shortlist that has been created in the first stage will be reviewed solely by the jury, who will then make the final decisions. 

What about music theatre for CHILDREN?

Since there are constantly new developments in the world of staged works for children with music, you are, of course, more than welcome to enter the Music Theatre NOW competition.

What if someone from the crew is involved in the MTNow network?

If a competition juror, a serving board nad/or network member of the of the Music Theatre NOW Association, the coordinating director or creative producer of the competition is or was part of the artistic team (e.g. director, composer, stage designer, librettist, etc.) of a production, the work is not allowed to be entered into the MTNow competition.


If a person of the group mentioned above was or is involved in the production and creation of a work either as (artistic) producer, co-producer and / or project manager then the project may be submitted. Jurors directly involved in works must recuse themselves from the jury discussion on these works.

Can I enter MULTIPLE projects?

If you wish to enter more than one project you are more than welcome to do so.

Please note that you have to fill out the registration form for each project in order to receive individual links to the application forms for each project.

The application fee will also be due for each submitted project.


Application Process

WHICH materials do I need to submit for the application?

Please prepare the following information to submit your project:

- general information about your production (e.g. artistic team, date of premiere, number of performances, contact person)

- a short description of your work (text of 1500 characters)

- additional files like programme booklet, libretto, CVs of the team and a score of the whole piece (if available)

- a full video recording of the entire performance


You can also download a sample of the application form here.


To maximize the usefulness of our archive we kindly ask you to provide some additional information about cast, producing organisation and the video recording itself.

I do not have a version of the libretto in ENGLISH.

You may send in the text / libretto in the original language, of course, but a translation (with both languages visible would be appreciated by the jury.

I have a great TRAILER of the show. Can I send it?

For a full impression of your piece, it is mandatory that we get a full recording with both sound and video.

A link to a TRAILER / Teaser can be submitted additionally and is very much appreciated – this will help us to promote your work within our network after the competition.

How much is the administration FEE?

For every project that wants to enter the MTNow 2021 competition there is a fee of 15 € (fifteen EURO) that can be paid by bank transfer or Paypal.

Please be aware that exchange rates fluctuate on a daily basis. Fees for bank transfers and/or currency exchange must be covered by the submitting participant and cannot be deducted from the entry fee. Your bank should be able to arrange this.

For Chinese applicants the fee is RMB 120,-. Please see additional information below.

Can I get a REFUND?

Please read thoroughly all information provided on this website before submitting and conducting the payment: in the event that your submission does not meet the rules of the competition (e.g. produced before or after the specified dates), we will not refund the administration fee.

Submissions will only be checked after confirmation of payment.

How to PAY the admin fee?

You can pay either per Paypal or bank transfer (all fees for transaction and exchange must be covered by the participant).

Application fee is 15,- €

Please make sure that any exchange rates and/or bank fees are charged to your account.




Amount: 15,00 €

Reference: "MTNow 2021 + title of your project" 



Name: Music Theater Now 

IBAN: NL03BUNQ2057862771


Amount: 15,00 €

Reference: "MTNow 2021 + title of your project" 

What are the exact TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the competition?

You can find our conditions on the website HERE…


Timing & Deadline

I have a new work coming up. When is the NEXT COMPETITION scheduled?

We are preparing a new rhythm with a competition every two years. So keep in touch and prepare for MTNow 2023…

Can I submit if PRESENTATIONS are scheduled AFTER the deadline?

That is totally possible. As long as the first showing took place within the specified frame, ongoing performances are not a problem at all. 

Can I submit my work AFTER THE DEADLINE if the premiere is later?

Unfortunately this is not possible. I am sure that you will understand that we have to draw a line somewhere…

How to submit from CHINA?

If you are submitting your project and experience severe problems with the form, the uploading process and/or the payment, please get in touch with our colleagues at the ITI General Secretariat in Shanghai via mail and us in CC (info[at]].

Please provide a detailed description of your problem so we can sort it out. 

Further Questions


We are happy to get in contact with you via email and hope that we can solve your problem. E-mail to info[at] for any question not answered here and check the general information or the application guideline.