Mime Centre

The Mime Centre


Media Library for Dance and Theatre.

- Principles -

The “Mime Center Berlin” (MCB) is a public information and documentation center for the performing arts.

It is a place to be a mediating point between art process and public, with a focus on the performing arts, offering its material for research purposes to professionals, but also to the general public, in order to provide the most wide-ranging and updated information about the contemporary artistic creation in dance and theatre. Therefore one important part of the Mime Centre’s work consists in documenting the work of artists, groups, festivals, etc.  that are gathered in the “Mediathek” (videos, films, books, CD-Rom’s).

The Mime Centre’s objectives are to promote communication between performing artists of all genres, nationalities and cultures, and to facilitate democratic access to information about  the performing arts and make it circulate. Therefore, the MCB administrates a steadily growing archive of more than 7.000 videos of documentary material.

From our point of view the continuous documentation and preservation of existing archive material is a fundamental element of the memory of dance and theatre. It enables and transports exchange, research and transmission.

The MCB produces more than 150 recordings of theatre and dance productions each year. This professional service, provided free of charge, constitutes a form of direct support to the distribution of performing arts productions.

In addition the MCB collects and archives video recordings entrusted to it by artists and companies for information purposes. The MCB is always grateful to receive video documentation, which, assuming agreement with the relevant artists is reached, it happily includes in its archive and in the list of available documentation published on the internet.

All information and documentation activities of the MCB are strictly non-commercial. As a state-supported institution, the MCB receives no financial revenue from its information services.

The MCB respects and supports the copyright of the artists from whom it receives video documentation or in collaboration with whom it produces such documentation. This means that documents kept by the MCB may not be lent, hired or copied, although they are made available for viewing in the MCB’s viewing room to anyone who wishes to see them for information purposes.

The MCB is a department of the International Theatre Institute Germany and a member of the European Network of Information Centres for the Performing Arts (ENICPA).