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Piya Behrupiya - Shakespeare's 12th Night in Hindi
Hindi Musical
Duration in minutes:
Total number of performers:
Theatrical form (Opera, Performance, Instrumental Theatre, Other):
Stage form:
Proscenium Stage

Project description:
Piya Behrupiya, while carrying forward all the trademark features of popular Shakespeare plays, finds its own niche in this unique adaptation that occupies an inbetween space-between English and regional theatre. With its unique spoken language which is a mongrel version of English, Hindi and Punjabi, the play also places itself in that ‘in between’ space between the rural and the urban, contemporary and folk theatre. The play uses songs and melodies that are part of the oral narrative of rural India from Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab as well as includes original compositions by the actors and singers in the group. With musical interludes and riotous disorder, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night has all the drama; A Shipwreck, Mistaken identity, Cross dressing, Unrequited love, High Passion, Sword fights, and finally happy reunions. This sounded a bit familiar! Yes, it was just like a Bollywood blockbuster. So we approached the play accordingly with a mix of folk and light classical music, exaggerated humour, slapstick comedy and fantastic characterisations. This Hindi version of the play by The Company Theatre opened to a sensational response.
Responsible institution, ensemble or person:
The Company Theatre

Gagandeep Singh Riar
Author of text:
Amit Nagpal
Based on text by:
William Shakespeare
Stage director:
Atul Kumar
Lightning design:
Manikaran Singh

Date of first performance:
Number of seats:
Producers; Co-Producers:
The Company Theatre

Year of MTN:
Music Theatre Now, Musiktheater, Musical
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