Az Ügy (The Issue)

Synopsis and Team


Composer / Director: Dora Halas (Hungary)

Director / Costume: Fruzsina Nagy (Hungary)

Text: Adam Fekete (Hungary)

Live Electronics / Sound: Márk Bartha (Hungary

Stage: Juli Balázs (Hungary)

Production Management: Alina Karins (Hungary)


Producer: Soharoza Nonprot Association 

Co-Producer: Trafo House of Contemporary Arts

Premiere: Nov 10, 2018  / Trafo House of Contemporary Arts  / Budapest, Hungary


It's an ordinary day at an average administration office. Extravagant-looking yet familiar figures come into the space of the bureau: citizens who are here to explain their everyday issues with a spin that will change your life in many ways and standing in queues at the office will no longer be the same. A flood of fake medical papers to request a disabled card for free parking; blueprint-skirts under the white shirts of real estate agents; pregnant women's dresses turning into prams – these are just a few examples of what you can expect during the show.


Jury Statement

"The humor of this work, combined with brilliant vocal techniques and intricate design work create an expression you can’t take your eyes/ears off of—a true immersion for the senses. The conjunction of two well known mechanisms – opera and fashion show – allows for a rich and diverse juxtaposition of very different visual and musical idioms that all the time create new micro worlds within the very same setting: a contemporary way of dealing with the diversity of the world in a entertaining, but profound way."

(Jury of MTNow 2021)


Az Ügy © Németh MelindaAz Ügy © Bánhalmi ÁrpádAz Ügy © Zsóficz Kovács-MártonAz Ügy © Németh Melinda
Az Ügy © Németh Melinda
Az Ügy © Bánhalmi Árpád
Az Ügy © Zsóficz Kovács-Márton
Az Ügy © Németh Melinda