Synopsis and Team


Concept / Director: Samara Hersch (Australia/Netherlands)

Composer / Sound Design: Max Lyandvert (Australia)

Sound Dramaturge: Tamara Saulwick (Australia)

Light & Stage Design / Dramaturge: Paul Jackson (Australia)

Costume Design: Shio Otani (Australia)


Producer: Chamber Made 

Premiere: Aug 14, 2018 / Theatre Works  / Melbourne, Australia


In Yiddish mythology 'dybbuks' are the unresolved souls who seek to find form through living bodies. Part performance, part concert, part exorcism, Dybbuks is a Chamber Made work, conceived and directed by Samara Hersch, that evokes the many ways that the dead inhabit female bodies through language, voice, memory and desire. Hersch and her collaborators, including composer Max Lyandvert, designer Paul Jackson and sound dramaturg Tamara Saulwick, together with performers, musicians and a local Yiddish choir of inter-generational women combine mythic stories, traditional Yiddish songs with contemporary composition to present a feminist reawakening of S. Ansky’s iconic Dybbuk story.


Jury Statement

"With its innovative way of combining an original and traditional text, Dybbuks demonstrates dismantling and reconstructing layers of a traditional fable that is still resonating in today’s world. The work is experienced as a riveting prose, with its thoughtful production and a thoroughly provocative performance.„

(Jury of MTNow 2021)


Dybbuks © Pia JohnsonDybbuks © Pia JohnsonDybbuks © Pia JohnsonDybbuks © Pia Johnson
Dybbuks © Pia Johnson
Dybbuks © Pia Johnson
Dybbuks © Pia Johnson
Dybbuks © Pia Johnson