Synopsis and Team

Composer / Libretto: 李景元 (Li Jingyuan, China)

Conductor: 俞极 (Yu Ji, China)

Director: 钱小寒 (Qian Xiaohan, China)

Libretto: 徐瑛 (Xu Ying, China)


Soprano : Zhang Yue   

Tenor: Li Danyang  

Baritone : Yu Jingren


Producer: Central Conservatory of Music


Premiere: 12-10-2016 / Central Conservatory of Music / Beijing, China


Jigokuhen (Hell Screen)

Adopted from Ryūnosuke Akutagawa’s novella


It is a story from the Heian Period of Japan. During that time, the conflict between the aristocracy and the court intensified, and the people suffered. Yoshihide, then known as “the greatest painter in the land”, was serving the Lord of Horikawa exclusively. His daughter was also a maid there, with her pet monkey.


Daughter: lyric soprano 

Monkey: spoken role

The Lord of Horikawa: tenor 

Yoshihide: baritone

Jury Statement

"The instrumentation is elegant and intelligent, covers a wide range, and produces a music texture that smoothly transitions between the sounds of traditional Chinese Xi Qu, animal sounds, and modern music; while the vocals (especially the male part)draw on both Chinese and Western opera traditions to create a piece of distinctively contemporary music."

(Liu Sola for the Jury Members of the 2018 edition of MusicTheatreNOW competition)




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Jigokuhen © the artist
Jigokuhen © the artist
Jigokuhen © the artist
Jigokuhen © the artist