Synopsis and Team

Choreographer: Ela Baumann (Luxemburg)

Artistic & Musical Director: Juri de Marco (Deutschland)

Co-Composer: Alistair Duncan (Scotland) & Wolf Kerschek


STEGREIF.orchester - The improvising symphony orchestra


Producers: #bebeethoven, Radialsytem


Premiere: 4-21-2018 / Konzerthaus Berlin, Germany


"Our performances are notable for the absence of a conductor and sheet music on the stage; the notated music is played entirely from memory. In addition, we combine interpretation of classical music with improvisation informed by the original material.

To realise this, we take the original composition as a basis for a new work, rearranging material, presenting themes from the original in a kaleidoscope of musical influences, and leaving space for personal, soloistic statements. Freed from the confines of the traditional orchestral setup, we are able to present the work with choreography tailored to each room, designed to strengthen the experience and break the barrier between audience and orchestra"


Jury Statement

"A work of extreme boldness, a play on words, a parody, an excavation, a negation , and an act of supreme love, this work peels back a canonical work to show its inner working and essential truth.  

This work commands us to question our perception of temporality, our assumption that time is a linear progression.  

The work proposes a different experience of time: one that is plastic, non-linear, sometimes even circular, and very much subject to a shared perception by those who are experiencing it collectively: audience and performers together."

(Limor Tomer for the Jury Members of the 2018 edition of MusicTheatreNOW competition)


#FreeBrahms © Moritz Esyot#FreeBrahms © Roman Novitzky
#FreeBrahms © Moritz Esyot
#FreeBrahms © Roman Novitzky