Synopsis and Team


Artistic director, composer, vocals, hydraulophone: Laila Skovmand (Denmark)

Innovative director, violin, crystallophone: Robert Karlsson (Sweden)


Vocals, rotacorda: Nanna Bech (Denmark)

Percussion: Moran Le Bars

Drums: Morten Poulsen (Denmark)

Sound designer and engineer: Roman Komar (Poland)

Light designer and light engineer: Rune Halken Tønnes (Denmark)

Technical director and stage manager: Claus Madsen (Denmark)

International Manager: Sigrid Aakvik


AquaSonic is funded by: Danish Arts Fundation and City of Aarhus

Producer: Between Music

Co-Producer: Aarhus 2017


First sound design (original production): Anders Boll (Denmark)

First light design (original production): Adalsteinn Stefansson

AquaSonic was originally produced by FuturePerfect Productions


Premiere: 05-27-2016 / Operadagen Festival / Rotterdam, Netherlands 


Five performers submerge themselves in glass water tanks to play custom made instruments and sing entirely underwater. 

AquaSonic is created out of the desire to investigate an element that is essential for all humans and shaped by a continuous flow of questions emerging from a space in-between; between genres, between art/science, between the old comfort zone and possible new answers. 

The artists conducted countless experiments in collaboration with divers, instrument makers and scientists to develop new, specialized subaqueous instruments. 

The result is a concert experience completely out of the ordinary; a deep dive into a spellbinding universe.


Jury Statement

"We as the jury were struck by the incredible commitment and dedication it took to bring this production to life. The creators managed to find original and engaging ways to play quirky and fascinating mechanical instruments, to use breath and elicit song, all while remaining enveloped, as it were, in a fluid ‘otherworldliness’ underwater. The production is also striking for its stage design featuring human-size fish tanks, which are cleverly amplified. The result is radical and immersive music theatre and clearly reflects a willingness to work into the unknown."

(Neo Muyanga for the Jury Members of the 2018 edition of MusicTheatreNOW competition)


Aquasonic © Ambra Vernucci
Aquasonic © Ambra Vernucci