Tears of Barren Hill

Synopsis and Team

Danny Yung (Concept, Staging, Stage-Design)
Nerve, Pun Tak-shu (Music)
John Wong (Video)
Chan Cheuk-wah (Light-Design)
Chen Ko-hua (Text/Lyrics)
Producer: „Zuni Icosahedron“


“The original Tears of Barren Hill was a Peking opera created [...] in the 1920s. It comprises scenes of life and death and is an outcry in distress for the involutarily despair at that time. Danny Yung borrowed the title, weaving it with modern technology and contemporary theatre concepts, to create an original, contemporary multi-media stage performance.”

Video Trailer

Background / Biographies

Hong Kong based multi-artist Danny Yung has created more than 100 performances within theatre, film, installations, concept art. His works are experimenting and based on critic comments to daily media and culture politics in Asia. Many of his performances have provoked governments and decision-makers on the cultural area to strengthen the censure policy.