Synopsis and Team

Tian Mansha    (Concept, Staging, Choreography )
Liou Ji yun, Tian Mansha (Music)
Nike Yu, Zhao Xi (Text/Lyrics)
Shen Li (Stage Design)
Zhao Zhizhen (Costumes)
Huang Zhumo (Lighting)
Pu Jinxing (Video)

Producer: Haus der Kulturen der Welt


“Several centuries ago a fictional character named Jiao Guiyin walked into her tragic fate.
Several decades ago, a real artist walked into one of the most tragic periods of history.
Now, a chuanju performance artist uses the memory of the body--a capacity unable to forget--to walk from traditional chuanju through that period of history in her exploration of artistic memory.”

Background / Biographies

Tian Mansha

Tian Mansha, director and performer of Szechuan Opera, is considered to be a reformer of traditional Chinese theatre. She is the two-time winner of the Plum Blossom Prize, the highest award in Chinese theatre. Tian Mansha is also a lecturer at the Opera Academy of the Szechuan Province and has been at the Shanghai Theatre Academy since 2005. Tian Mansha lives in Shanghai.