La philosophie dans le labyrinthe

Synopsis and Team

Aureliano Cattaneo (Composition)
Edoardo Sanguineti (Text)
Michael Scheidl (Staging)
Nora Scheidl (Stage-Design, Costumes)
Takako Suzuki (Choreography)
Laurent Okroglic (Animations)
Norbert Joachim (Lighting)
Peter Böhm (Sound)

Producer: "netzzeit“, Münchener Biennale


“The opera is dealing with the story of Minotaur. [...] The story is told on different layers, partly shoved into each other: layer one narrated by the singers, layer two narrated by the dancers, layer three narrated by a video animation. “

Video Trailer

Background / Biographies

Aureliano Cattaneo

studied the piano and composition in Piacenza and Milan. In 2004 Cattaneo was a finalist of the Gaudeamus Muziek Week and in 2005 he received a grant from the Akademie der Künste in Berlin. Aureliano Cattaneo lives and works in Madrid.

Edoardo Sanguineti

is a lyricist, storyteller, playwright and scientist. He is a professor of Italian literature and has taught at the Universities of Torino, Salerno and Genova. He received the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. In the area of music theatre he has worked with Luciano Berio and Vinko Globokar, among others.

Michael Scheidl

is an actor and director. He founded the netzzeit network with his wife Nora Scheidl that produces contemporary music theatre. In 2004 the festival for new music theatre “Out of Control”, founded by Scheidl, took place for the first time.