Iz Veka Vekov

Synopsis and Team


Iz Veka Vekov - From Time Immemorial

Karmina Šilec (Concept, conductor)                   
Lojze Lebič (Music)
 Jernej Lorenci (Staging)
Branko Hojnik (Stage-Design)
 Belinda Radulovič (Costumes)
Tanja Zgonc (Choreography)
David Orešič (Lighting)
Danilo Zenko (Sound)
Producer: National Opera and Ballet Maribor


“Some simplified artistic creations from ancient times always surprise us by the violence of contemporary expression. [...] The musical world of From Time Immemorial follows an [...] archaic seclusion beyond space and time. [...] In the foreground there are magic and symbolism. [...] From Time Immemorial is [...] not an ode to the past or directed towards the idyllic. It moves among the shadows of our ancestors. They are related to us in everything – joy and sadness, self-confidence and despair.”

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Background / Biographies

Karmina Šilec

Karmina Šilec, as a conductor, opened up new dimensions of expression, experience and communication in music with innovative interdisciplinary concepts. Her prize-winning productions can be experienced at many international festivals. Her choir Carmina Slovenica is one of the most important avantgarde vocal ensembles. In 2001 she received an award from the Prešeren Fonds for the project "Vampirabile” and in 2004 she received the international Robert Edler prize for choral music.


Lojze Lebič

Lojze Lebič has studied archeology and music in Ljubljana, going in for conducting with Danilo Švara and composition with Marjan Kozina. His compositions have been performed at numerous festivals, such as the World Music Days of ISCM and the Music Biennials in Berlin and Zagreb. In 1994 Lebič was awarded the Prešeren prize for his work as a Composer.


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