Itinerário do Sal  – Salt Itinerary – Weg des Salzes

Synopsis and Team


Miguel Azguime (Concept, Music, Text, Performance)
Paula Azguime (Sound-Design, Live-Electronics, Dramaturgy, Staging, Video)
Perseu Mandillo (Video)
André Bartetzki (Programming, Live-Video)

Producer: Group „Miso Ensemble“


“Salt Itinerary transcends theatrical and music conventions introducing Miguel Azguime and Paula Azguime’s concept of new Op-Era. […] It revolves around languages, words as meaning and words as sound. […] Live audio and video electronic processing and diffusion of the voice, poetry, gestures, music and the drawings creates polyphony of senses and a counterpoint of meanings.”

Background / Biographies

Miguel Azguime

is a composer, poet and percussionist. In addition to numerous pieces of instrumental and vocal music, he has also produced unique text and music works that he calls “electro-acoustic theatre” and “electro-acoustic opera”. His works have been performed at many festivals by well-known ensembles. He has received grants and prizes from Portugese and international institutions.
Azguime is the director of the Música Viva Festival and founder of the Miso Studios. Since 1995 he has developed the first Portuguese speaker orchestra and worked on the development of real-time computer music.
In 2003 he founded the Portuguese Music Information Center with Paula Azguime.

The Miso Ensemble,

a flute and percussion duo, was founded by Miguel Azguime in 1985 and belongs to the most important contemporary formations in Portugal.