Il canto della pelle (SEX Unlimited)

Synopsis and Team

Claudio Ambrosini (Concept, Music, Text)
Peter B. Wyrsch (Staging)
Franck Berthoux (Sound-Engineer)
Evelyne Straulino (Stage-Design, Costumes)
Thomas Krol (Video)
Mercedes Blasco (Video)
Joe Togneri (Video)
Herbert Cybulska (Lighting)Producer: Biennale Musiques en Scéne / Grame-Lyon Opéra de Lyon


„Center piece of an operatic trilogy [...]. Sex is here the “unlimited energy” creating life everywhere and in all forms [...]. Sex is seen also as a “prism” with many sides, to be analyzed one by one: nature, culture, tradition, religion, science, society, business, entertainment, mythology, art.”
Claudio Ambrosini studied Electronic Music, Ancient Instruments, History of Music in Venice and Milan. His compositional style is coined by his extensive instrumental research. The range of his works include both the classical genres as well as electronic music and even multimedia works such as video, photography, installations for museums or galleries.

Background / Biographies

Ambrosini has received various prizes and several commissions from well known institutions. Since 1979 he has led the Ex Novo Ensemble and since 1983 also CIRS, International Center for Instrumental Research, both of which he founded in Venice. In 2007 he was awarded the Golden Lion for Music at the Venice Biennale.