Synopsis and Team

Carola Bauckholt (Music)
Eric Oña (Conductor)
Georges Delnon (Staging)
Roland Aeschlimann (Stage-Design, Installation)
Maria Theree Jossen (Costumes)
Zoro Babel (Sound)
Christoph Schödel (Video)
Tobias Löffler (Lighting)

Producer: Münchener Biennale, Schauspiel Köln, Kunststiftung NRW


“The opera “hellhörig” is a “theatre of sounds”. The acoustic events [...] not only provide the work with its material; they also take over functions and meanings that would usually be associated with the “dramatis personae” in traditional theatre pieces.”

Background / Biographies

Carola Bauckholt

studied composition with Mauricio Kagel at the Cologne University of Music. The composer, who was a founder of the Thürmchen publishing house and the Thürmchen Ensemble, received numerous international prizes and was recently a grant recipient at the Villa Massimo in Rome. Her music is performed and broadcast in Europe, America and Asia.