Augmented Body and Virtual Body

Synopsis and Team

Suguru Goto (Artistic team    concept, multimedia, music)
Yann Bertrand (3D-Animation)
Producer: Suguro Goto, Festival "Utopiales" (Nantes)


„The work is intended to utilize the system, which combines „Body Suit“, […] “Powered Suit” and “Second Life” [...] and its uses in an artistic application. The system, which we propose contains both a gesture controller and robots at the same time. In this system, the “Body Suit” [...] controls the avatar in “Second Life” and “Second Life” controls the [...]“Powered Suit” in real time. “

Video Trailer

Background / Biographies

Suguru Goto is a composer, Multimedia Artist, and Researcher. He has been working at IRCAM since 1995. He has been developing a system with sensor and robotics technology in conjunction with science and New Technology Arts, especially on the context of performance art for more than 15 years, and is very active in international scene.