After Life

Synopsis and Team

Michel van der Aa (Composer, Staging, Text)
Hirokazu Kore-Eda (Text)
Dries Verhoeven (Stage-Design)
Robby Duiveman (Costumes)
Klaus Bertisch (Dramaturgy)
Markus Truebridge (Lighting)
Otto Tausk (Conductor)
Peter Wilms (Video Technician)
Producer: Nederlandse Opera, Asko Ensemble, Co-Production with Holland Festival


“The recently deceased can select a memory to take with them into heaven. [...] The camera team assembles to start with the recording of the selected memories. [...] The life of the dead is recorded by one camera. Now it becomes clear that those who work at the transition station are not in heaven themselves because they haven’t yet managed to decide on one “definitive” moment in their lives.”



Video Trailer

Background / Biographies

Michel van der Aa,

after his training to become a sound engineer, studied composition with Diderik Wagenaar, Giliu van Bergeijk and Louis Andriessen at the Den Haag conservatory. In 2002 he completed a course in film directing at the New York Film Academy and in 2007 an intensive course in dramaturgy at the Lincoln Center Director’s Lab. In 1999 Michel van der Aa won, as the first Dutch composer, the Gaudeamus Prize; further international prizes followed. His works, performed by renowned orchestras throughout the world, are at all important festivals.