SHADOW – The ritual to console the mouth and the eyes

Synopsis and Team


Nara Shin (Composition, Text)
Yoo-Shin Kim (Staging)
Ho-Jin Kim (Lighting)
Je-Min Kim (Film and Sound)
Byung-Uook Lee (Conductor)
Yong-Joon Yang (Electronic Music)
Jung-Ah Seo (Sound Director)
Producer: The Art Council Korea, Ensemble TIMF (Electrophonic Music Research Institute of Hanyang Univ.)


“The male and female actors talk to each other [...] I believe that the two acts of talking and looking aim to interact with others, but within only an individual’s unilateral desire may be found. [...] maybe, those acts are not exchanges that incorporate intent to communicate, but destined to languish in unfulfilled and unfulfillable desires and false images.”

Background / Biographies

Nara Shin

has studied composition at Keoung-Hee University in Seoul and at Karlsruhe University of Music with Wolfgang Rihm. Since 2006 he has been living again in Korea. As prizewinner of many grants his works were performed at numerous international contemporary music festivals. In 2007, he is chosen for The Young Artist by The Arts Council Korea.