Music Theatre NOW Network of ITI


The Music Theatre NOW Network seeks to initiate or coordinate activities in the world of music theatre, in cooperation with ITI, and is conducting a worldwide competition called Music Theatre NOW for creators of new opera and music theatre. Prize winners are invited to present their work at international meetings of Music Theatre NOW.

Board and Members

Network members

Ana ABLAMONOVA, Lithuania

Magnus ASPEGREN, Sweden

Guy COOLEN, Belgium

Désirée MEISER, Switserland


Shoshana POLANCO, Argentina / Mexico

Roland QUITT, Germany

Axel TANGERDING, Germany

Shuang ZOU, PR China


Board members

Guy COOLEN, Belgium, chairman

Shoshana POLANCO, secretary

Magnus ASPEGREN, treasurer 

Mission and vision statement

Mission statement

Music Theatre Now aspires to be the premier global network of music theatre presenters to support this unique genre. We seek to promote new music theatre as the most vibrant interdisciplinary art form of the present time that tackles contemporary issues, pushes boundaries and explores new aesthetics.


Vision statement

As a network of trusted partners, we encourage to support the presentation of experimental works to a broad audience and help emerging artists to become visible on an international level. We do so by:

- organizing a biannual international competition that brings together practitioners and presenters from across the globe;

- developing the largest archive of new music theatre productions and explore possibilities of accessibility for all audiences, artists and scholars;

- conducting an exchange program for emerging artists to widen their view on the international music theatre work field, to develop an artistic language and to meet other artists.



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