Music Theatre NOW Network of ITI


The Music Theatre NOW Network seeks to initiate or coordinate activities in the world of music theatre and is conducting a worldwide competition called Music Theatre NOW for creators of new opera and music theatre – in collaboration with the German Centre of the ITI. Prize winners are invited to present their work at international meetings of Music Theatre NOW.

Board and Members

Board members

Guy COOLEN, Belgium, president

Ana ABLAMONOVA, Lithuania


Roland QUITT, Germany

Axel TANGERDING, Germany

Nick Rongjun YU, PR China

Shuang ZOU, PR China


Honorary member

Danny YUNG, Hong Kong

Mission Statement

The Music Theatre NOW Network of ITI is committed to the artistic development of music theatre worldwide. From experimental projects to productions in opera houses, the network embraces all forms of music theatre including hybrid theatrical forms where music is a crucial and indispensable aspect in the performance. The network takes a special interest in music theatre outside of the Western European tradition and in contemporary work which reflects these other traditions.

The network's main task is dissemination of information and audience education with the goal of raising awareness of music theatre around the globe. Through its expanding network, ‘Music Theatre NOW’ wants to facilitate the production and presentation of music theatre and to stimulate cooperation and exchange of productions among producers and presenters.
Organized in cooperation with ITI Germany, ‘Music Theatre NOW’ consists of three elements: an international competition for the most interesting music theatre productions of the past years, a meeting where the winning productions are shown on video and discussed. It also involves the creation of an ‘International Web Archive of New Music Theatre’.

The network is a democratic body, in which the ideals of UNESCO concerning the acknowledgment of cultural diversity and exchange of ideas end knowledge between people and nations are highly esteemed.
Members of the network are ITI members whose professional work is directly related to the creation, production or presentation of music theatre. The group includes directors, composers, dramaturges and producers of opera and music theatre from all over the world. New members can be asked to join, but local organizations and individuals - who work in the field of music theatre - can also join the network by subscribing to the newsletter. Subscribers to the newsletter can volunteer to become an active member.


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